Using modern technology platforms to create an AI-driven bank

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Watch this webinar, hosted in association with Red Hat, to discover practical strategies to leverage the full potential of AI.

Why is this next era of AI different in the banking industry? What are the key challenges holding banks back from unlocking the full potential of AI? What key capabilities are needed to scale operations and deliver AI driven banking services? How to approach this from a practical standpoint? What are the best strategies for accelerating adoption?

Deeper integration of artificial intelligence into banking services can become a game-changer, driving innovation and efficiency. The potential is far and wide – ranging from reshaping customer and employee experiences, to radically streamlining banking operations.

The transformative power of AI is undeniable, yet many banks struggle to tap its full potential. One of the biggest challenges is the cost and complexity of adopting at scale. Access to quality data is crucial to any machine learning model, yet training, tuning and deploying models is equally daunting. This becomes even more complex when companies rely on models they haven’t trained themselves – how can they effectively manage them and augment with their own data?

This webinar explores practical steps and strategies

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