Cardano 9.0: On-Chain Governance Set For Activation

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On-chain governance marks a significant turning point for Cardano, the proof-of-stake blockchain famed for its painstaking development process. By means of voting on suggestions, this creative mechanism enables ADA holders to directly shape the future of the platform.

Voting For The Future

Maintaining competitiveness in the fast changing blockchain scene of today calls both agility. For Cardano, on-chain governance offers to simplify the decision-making process. Emphasising this point, Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, says that on-chain voting lets “quick improvements ensure the system remains competitive and relevant.”

This efficiency goes beyond simply technological changes. Cardano sees on-chain governance influencing everything from branding to marketing campaigns to even research financing. Imagine ADA holders casting votes on ideas to fund distributed security projects or support blockchain education initiatives.

🚨 BREAKING: A major release of the Cardano node is published! Node 9.0.0 hard fork (Chang)

— Cardano Feed ($ADA) (@CardanoFeed) July 8, 2024

Creating Consensus In A Global Village

Putting such a system into use is no simple task. Getting agreement among a geographically scattered and diversified group is rather difficult. Cardano faced this squarely with a two-year development effort ending in SIP 1694, appropriately called after the Enlightenment thinker Voltaire.


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