Bitcoin Bullish Run Is Not Over, Ark Invest CEO Says We Are Only “Halfway Through”

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Bitcoin (BTC) continues to face downward pressure following major negative developments surrounding the digital asset, which has led to speculations about whether BTC’s bull run has reached its climax. As a result, Cathie Wood, a popular advocate for cryptocurrencies and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ark Invest has delved into the discussion offering her insights on the subject. 

Wood in a recent assessment has predicted that Bitcoin is currently halfway through its bull market, demonstrating her unwavering confidence in the crypto asset’s potential in the long term. Her prognosis points to a range of factors such as heightened institutional adoption, and macroeconomic trends that could impact BTC’s price positively.

Bitcoin Bull Run Is Halfway Through

The Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood shared her insights on Bitcoin’s current price trend in a recent interview with Peter Diamonds, a science and tech entrepreneur, on Tuesday. 

According to Wood, the research team at Ark Invest, especially their expert in Bitcoin on-chain analytics, predicts that the market is presently in the middle of a bull phase. However, this does not imply that the price rise is halfway through. While Wood claims BTC is only halfway through this bull market due to on-chain analytics in

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