Analyst Calls Solana ‘One Of The Best Coins Out There,’ Here’s Why

This post was originally published on Bitcoinist

A crypto analyst has declared Solana to be one of the best coins, highlighting the cryptocurrency’s previous price movements, which are marked by upsides and its potential for a major bullish rally

Solana Gets Best Coin Status

Solana, the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has attained a new title as “one of the best coins.” A crypto analyst, identified as ‘Honey’ on X (formerly Twitter), made this positive statement and expressed bullish optimism for SOL’s future outlook in an X (formerly Twitter) on June 9.

Sharing a price chart depicting Solana’s price actions since the beginning of 2024, the analyst highlighted a series of sharp rallies the cryptocurrency has experienced over the past few months. The analyst has also based her bullish predictions for Solana on the possibility that the cryptocurrency maintains a level above the 1D 200-day Exponential Moving Average (1D  EMA200).

The EMA200 is a widely recognized technical indicator that traders use to identify long-term trends in a cryptocurrency. Staying above this unique trend line often indicates possibilities of bullishness, suggesting that SOL could be getting ready for a major upside

Honey has also disclosed that once Bitcoin (BTC) reaches its bottom and starts to recover, Solana

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