Budget 2024: Why India’s agriculture policies need a polio-like awareness drive

This post was originally published on The Economic Times

The agricultural sector is a vital pillar of the Indian economy, employing 46.5% of the nation’s workforce, with the GVA of the agriculture and allied sector being 18.3% in 2022-23. Every Budget puts a special emphasis on Budget, and this year should be no different. But what do players in the sector want and what should the FM focus on? To discuss this, we have with Himanshu Rattan, Partner and Lead – Government Agriculture & Allied Business, Government & Public Services (G&PS), KPMG in India; Sharmila Oswal, Co-founder, Gudmom by 1 Organic; Rohit Bajaj – Cofounder and CEO, Balwaan Krishi; and Bhuvnesh Gupta, co-founder, Poshn.

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