How hybrid cloud can help SMBs with digital transformation and security

This post was originally published on The Economic Times

In the digital era, the needs of small and medium businesses (SMBs) are evolving fast. One of the trending digital transformation products the segment is looking at is hybrid cloud, which combines private cloud (on-premises data centre) with public cloud.

Hybrid cloud helps in cost reduction, supports remote work and creates workplace efficiency. US-based IT firm Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has come up with various solutions around the hybrid cloud for Indian SMEs.

Bhawna Agarwal, Country Head-Strategy & Growth, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, India, says that SMBs are increasingly prioritising high-performance cloud computing solutions that can handle intensive workloads efficiently and reliably. Secondly, there is a growing emphasis on the rapid deployment of cloud computing services. “SMBs seek solutions that can be quickly implemented and operationalised to adapt swiftly to market changes and business needs. Additionally, SMBs place a high value on security and data privacy in cloud solutions,” she says.
Talking about the benefits of hybrid cloud, Agarwal says that one of the biggest advantages is driving cost efficiency. It can enable SMBs to optimise their IT

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