Sydney Sweeney Falls Victim to Hack: X Account Used to Promote Solana Scam Coin

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The Solana blockchain continues to be a major option for cybercriminals, as evidenced by the latest cybersecurity attack involving rising Hollywood superstar and actress Sydney Sweeney when her X (formerly Twitter) account was compromised in order to promote a fake Solana-based meme coin dubbed “SWEENEY.”

Sweeney’s notoriety and influence were used to trick unwary fans into investing in the fraudulent meme coin through posts that promised bonuses and special opportunities for early investors. 

Fake Solana-Based Meme Coin SWEENEY’s Entry Into The Crypto Market

On Tuesday, Sydney Sweeney was the most recent victim of a social media hack as her X account was hacked to advertise a fake Solana-based meme coin. This event comes after similar celebrity attacks, all aimed at promoting questionable cryptocurrency tokens, like those on 50 Cent and Hulk Hogan.

Following the hack, the intruders posted misleading messages and links enticing Sweeney’s followers to invest in the phony cryptocurrency SWEENEY, taking advantage of her high-profile position and sizable social media following. “Going live on spaces soon, stay tuned to see what SWEENEY can do,” one of the posts read.

Hackers take control of Sydney Sweeney’s account | Source: TOBTC on X

These comments, which seemed authentic to her

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