Swedish Asset Manager Praises XRP For This Major Feature

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Swedish asset manager Virtune has praised XRP, highlighting a major feature of the crypto token. This praise comes following the firm’s launch of its exchange-traded product (ETP), which will allow investors to gain exposure to XRP. 

XRP Is “Ideal” For International Transfers

In a press release announcing the launch of its Virtune XRP ETP, the asset manager mentioned that XRP is ideal for international transfers because transactions using the crypto token are completed within seconds. Virtune further noted how XRP offers “unparalleled transparency and reliability” thanks to its “robust and secure blockchain technology.” 

The asset manager also claimed that XRP’s low transaction fees are a “significant advantage, especially for high-volume transfers.” Additionally, Virtune stated that XRP is backed by a “strong community and is supported by Ripple, a leading company in the fintech industry.”

Virtune’s praise for XRP again highlights how XRP has gained a reputation for being the future of cross-border payments. Using XRP, Ripple is disrupting the global financial system and establishing itself as a viable alternative for conducting international transfers through its Ripple payments service. 

Interestingly, Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse once mentioned that XRP could become the next Bitcoin if the crypto token becomes widely accepted for

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