Ethereum Foundation Email Hack Targets Staking Enthusiasts

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The Ethereum Foundation has disclosed that it has been able to regain control of the compromised email address.

The Ethereum Foundation (EF) has issued a security alert to its email subscribers of a recent phishing attack carried out by bad actors. This follows after hackers recently gained access to the organization’s official email account, using the same to send out scam messages that promoted a fake Lido staking program.

The Scam Email

The “[email protected]” email address was compromised on June 23rd and was subsequently used to send scam emails to at least 35,794 recipients on the day. According to EF, the email deceptively announced that the organization had entered into a partnership with the Lido decentralized autonomous organization (LidoDAO). The partnership, as the scam email cited, was geared towards a supposed staking scheme that will see users earn a massive 6.8% yield on staked crypto (stETH, WETH, or ETH deposits).

The scam email also claimed that the “collaboration” would provide “deep liquidity and competitive rewards” alongside security. It noted that the staking service was “protected and verified” by the Ethereum Foundation.

A “Begin Staking” button was also attached to the email, designed to lead users to the

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