Boomers Are The Real Crypto HODL Champions, Analyst Claims

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The winds of volatility swept through the crypto market in June, sending the price of Bitcoin tumbling by $10,000. News of a massive Mt. Gox repayment, miner sell-offs, and government-related liquidations all contributed to the price dip.

Yet, amidst the bearish sentiment, a surprising trend emerged: investors in spot Bitcoin ETFs held their ground. This unexpected resilience has analysts questioning their initial assumptions about both Bitcoin’s price trajectory and the risk tolerance of a new generation of investors – baby boomers.

Bitcoin price down in June. Source: Coingecko 

ETFs Show Steady Hand

Traditionally seen as a haven for stability, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) have become a gateway for mainstream investors to enter the volatile world of cryptocurrency. Spot Bitcoin ETFs, which directly track the price of Bitcoin, launched in the US earlier this year and were met with initial enthusiasm.

However, concerns arose when the Bitcoin price started its descent in June. Analysts predicted a wave of panic selling, especially among millennials, as investors fled the sinking ship. But to everyone’s surprise, spot Bitcoin ETFs defied expectations.

Was surprised to check in on the bitcoin ETFs and see they actually had net

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