Banks and Credit Unions: How to Establish the Core Banking Blueprint

This post was originally published on Finextra (Security)

Watch this webinar to learn how smaller, growing financial services institutions must ensure their core systems architecture and client-facing platforms can efficiently compete with larger institutions.

How are small to medium banks and credit unions ensuring their internal systems can compete with those used by larger institutions courting the same clients? What sorts of upgrades in core architecture and platforms must growing institutions consider enabling for positive and productive client banking relationships? How will aging, inflexible technology and legacy architecture create inevitable challenges for institutions aiming to grow and adapt to the fast-evolving financial services world? What are some of the key questions smaller banking organisations must ask and answer today to be ready to tackle the changing client needs of tomorrow? When choosing technology partners, why are factors like streamlined migration and implementation coordination so important beyond just selecting hardware or software alone?

Smaller, growing banks and credit unions are in heated competition these days for an increasingly sophisticated client base. It’s not just about solid, innovative products and services – flexible systems architecture is also required to ensure they can deliver them 24/7. Constant adaptation to rapidly changing client appetites and trends in the

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