How To Hire Seasonal Employees: 8 Steps for Success

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It’s tough for any small business to hire the right employees. But hiring seasonal help can be even harder — and more important. Ice cream shops and lawn care businesses can see as much demand in the summer months as they do the entire rest of the year.

No matter when your busy season is, the challenge remains the same — how do you hire the best seasonal employees?

Having the right team in place can help ensure your operations run smoothly and customers still receive the best care. Here are a few things that can help you during the seasonal hiring process.

How to hire great seasonal employees 1. Start recruiting early.

Don’t wait until you need extra help to start looking for extra help. Begin identifying your staffing needs early by looking at past years. This gives you more time to focus on finding the right fit rather than rushing to fill positions.

2. Write a great job description.

Your job description should clearly outline the roles and expectations of the positions. Make it clear that it’s a seasonal job to ensure your candidates know what they’re applying for. You should also make your job posting enticing. Talk

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