National Small Business Week: 9 Ways to Celebrate in 2024

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National Small Business Week is April 28 – May 4 this year, and it’s a perfect time for small business owners to celebrate their achievements, connect with their communities and look forward to new growth opportunities.

99.9% of American businesses are small, with the number totaling 33,185,550 in 2023. Essential to the nation’s economy, America’s small businesses contribute significantly to innovation, employment and community development. This week is dedicated to recognizing that impact and the relentless spirit of entrepreneurship.

Here are some ways small business owners across America can celebrate National Small Business Week.

How to Celebrate National Small Business Week 1. Host Community Events

Events can engage your local community and bring people together. Consider hosting workshops, open houses or networking events that showcase your products or services. Gatherings like these can serve as a platform for educating the community about what you do. At the events, you could learn more about your customers’ needs and build stronger relationships.

2. Run Special Promotions and Offers

National Small Business Week is an excellent opportunity to attract new customers and reward loyal ones. You could offer special discounts, limited-time offers or bundle deals exclusive to this week. Promotions can not only

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